Duplicate of the goddess Isis breastfeeding her son Harpocrates

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    • Dimensions: 8 X 25
    • Material: Resina y bronce
    • Color: Negro
  • Description

    Duplicate of the goddess Isis breastfeeding her son Harpocrates.

    The original piece is made of bronze, and dates from the Late Period (715-332 B. C.) The original piece is conserved in the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona.
    The Egyptian mithology presented the goddess Isis as a protector mother and a loyal wife. In fact, Isis was the compendium of everything relacionated with fertility and femininity. As a universal mother and a powerful witch, her worship spread by the Roman Empire and was an inspiration for the inspiration of the first breastfeed virgins of the Christian Egypt.

    Our Workshop of archaeological copies warrants in this piece a completely loyal duplicate. Copy made from a mould of the original piece. This piece was made following a totaly handmade process in resin with final plate in bronze.

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